EMOTIONAL WORLD was founded in Japan in 2019. Our combination of authentic BORO and handsewn pieces, along with our unique production techniques elevates our individuality. EMOTIONAL WORLD provides traditional craftsmanship and culture with a more renewing transmission form, integrating seamlessly into the modern lifestyle.

EMOTIONAL WORLD take pride in each one of the items being unique. Due to the characteristics of the BORO and SUKUMO, the chameleon of fabric, our products embrace color change, depending on the light, environment and surroundings; Additionally, our pure hand-sewing craftsmanship means each pattern, texture and bag cannot be reproduced. EMOTIONAL WORLD is constantly as a brand, expanding product range where appropriate and consistently sourcing different and unique forms of materials and all kinds of elements to embellish our skills in reproduction and offering us a means to evolve without limitation. Through our other one-of-a-kind designs and having a diversified product line, EMOTIONAL WORLD loves to embody and aims to project the aesthetics from the traditional crafts we use.