"Fu Sheng Liu Ji" is a fragrance brand inspired by "Fu Sheng Liu Ji" written in Qing Dynasty. In 2017, the founder went to the Givaudan Perfumery School in Paris, since then has developed an unbreakable bond with perfumes. After four-years preparation, "Fu Sheng Liu Ji" was born in Shanghai, in 2021. The brand aims to integrate the exquisite Chinese artistic conception into fragrances. The ideal scenes that demonstrated by the scents are all from Chinese culture,and classified by scents. "Painting Scenery with Fragrance" is the original intention of "Fu Sheng Liu Ji". Creating an artistic conception through scents,to transcend the triviality of daily life, and to pursue inner artistic conception and beauty. Each fragrance is a reconstruction of beautiful scenes from Chinese people's memories, and creating aesthetics of Chinese lifestyle.