MÜNN was launched in 2013 by the creative director Hyun-min Han. MÜNN stays away from the traditional garment making process instead and takes an unfamiliar approach that has not been done before to push out creativity to the maximum ability. MÜNN gains their inspiration from the 60’s made-to-order high-quality ethics. With that inspiration in mind, the way of sewing garments is the most notable quality that makes MÜNN stand out. MÜNN doesn’t follow the traditional way of sewing garments. Instead, this process begins with MÜNN switching up the order on how they sew their garments, they found that lead them to a new silhouette that wouldn’t be done if they were to follow the traditional method of garment construction. These foreign concepts will be presented with details and materials used in MÜNN’s creation, and MÜNN will continue to challenge the old concepts of fashion. MÜNN’s team here consists of skilled specialists, with years of experience that can help MÜNN to create freely while making least amount of damage to our home planet Earth.