PETRE COR is a high-grade ready to wear brand founded by Chinese designer Jiali Lu in 2021. PETRE COR’s brand name comes from the pronunciation of the English word petrichor, which is translated into the smell of soil after rain. It depicts a picture of autumn twilight in Mountain Residence by poet Wang Wei. The mountain is located in the scene of autumn dusk, the beginning of mountain rain, quiet and leisure, the air is fresh and pleasant, the bright moon is in the sky, the green pines are covered, the mountain springs are clear, flowing on the reefs, a clear and bright paradise, and the women who come back after washing clothes are laughing, allowing the youth of spring to disappear.

PETRE COR hopes to explore more possibilities for the integration of people and clothes through nature and the world. The brand is intended to express the ideal feelings and life attitude of being bright, clean, quiet, magnificent, free, flexible and interesting to the air. The use of a large number of natural elements such as plants and flowers, flowing natural fabrics, streamlined contours, traditional crafts and retro jacquard patterns, pragmatic concepts, innovative tailoring and surrealistic expression techniques as media to provide women with a way of self-expression. To create an independent, brave, free, flexible, optimistic and romantic female image. It has formed a unique style that is classical, gentle, rebellious, poetic and romantic, cold and silent.