By definition, RECTO means a right-hand page of a book. In French, RECTO is also referred to as the front of a sheet of paper. The brand has branded itself as RECTO to commemorate the beginning of its story. The word RECTO when said out loud, delivers a formal and neutral mood which appropriately resembles the brand’s identity. In addition, RECTO’s image is impressed upon the ambiguous boundary between men and women’s wear through well-tailored cuts in neutral colors.

RECTO is founded by designer Jung Ji Youn in 2015. Only after two years since its launch, RECTO became very quickly one of the most wanted and loved brands both by fashion world and by public. RECTO’s clothing makes a perfect harmony of structural details and classic silhouette, starting from uni-sexual code. The clothing range presents a minimal and modern look on top of mannish silhouette within a feminine mood.