TING GONG combines the abstract and the figurative from the 'in-betweenness'.
The label looks at the multifaceted feminine through sociocultural anthropology and humanities.
TING GONG lives beyond the seasonal cycle, and is made in limited editions with reclaimed materials. Through careful tailoring and slow production, the design focuses upon mixing new and found textile, revealing past traces of worn clothing and creating a sense of retro-futurism.
TING GONG is an ageless woman beyond a fixed locale. She is assertive but fully embracing her own flaws. She climbs mountains in deep mist, and crosses oceans and cities. At the same time, she is perfectly centered in her own room. She is surrounded by energetic people with style and she is all for change with the flow. She could be easily seduced but never lost sight of her own paths.
TING GONG takes her wearer on a ride with no return and together, they imagine a life worth living in a not-so-distant future.